What is a Hearing Test

DEFENDEAR offer the facility of hearing tests also called by the technical names of Audiometry / Audiometric Screening.
Audiometry is the technique for testing the actual level of a person's hearing ability.
This is achieved by using an Audiometer which is calibrated to produce a wide range of sounds (frequency).
The client responds to these sounds and the lowest level of sound perceived is called the Threshold Level.
This provides the base line for Pure Tone Audiometry.

Who Needs a Hearing Test

In the United Kingdom alone it is estimated nearly two million workers are exposed to the risk of noise induced deafness.
Some of these may have a deafness not caused by noise at work and our hearing test will detect those persons with conditions requiring medical treatment.
Workers benefitting from a Hearing Test can be found in a variety of environments including...

What are the Benefits of a Hearing Test

To the employer it allows regular monitoring of an employee's hearing status.
This monitoring can exempt the employer from future lengthy and expensive litigation claims.
Hearing Test results are supplied in a printed format and are also stored electronically at DEFENDEAR.

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