DEFENDEAR Attenuation Table

 Frequency (Hz)63125250500 1k2k4k8k
 Mean Attenuation9.110.111.916.2 20.628.936.126.8
 Standard Deviation5.
 Assumed Protection3.86.48.912.6 17.424.432.322.4

DEFENDEAR Noise Level Table

How Much Noise Is Too Much Noise
 Noise SourceDecibels
 Jet Plane140
 Shotgun Blast140
 Riveting Steel Tank130
 Automobile Horn120
 Woodwoking Shop100
 Pneumatic Drill100
 Car Manufacturing Plant100
 Average Factory80-90
 Office Equipment80
 Busy Traffic75
 Conversational Speech66
 Average Home50
 Quiet Office40
 Whispered Speech30
Noise over 140 dB causes PAIN
Exposure to noises over 90 dB HARMS HEARING

Key to DEFENDEAR Noise Level Table

 The use of a DEFENDEAR product is required
 The use of a DEFENDEAR product is optional...but recommended
 The use of a DEFENDEAR product is not required

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